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September 05, 2013

Football season is here

Football time, eh? I admit - I don't know enough about the game, but I still enjoy watching with friends and family. Personally, I do it more for the companionship and, let us be completely honest here - the food. Don't shoot me or anything, but I just don't enjoy televised sports. I mean, how much of the game are you REALLY watching in that allotted three hours? Maybe 45 minutes? Yeah, no thanks. 

So for me, football and baseball season are more about the camaraderie found in friendly team bashing and good food. This household consists of (1) Red Sox/Oilers fan, (1) White Sox/Raiders fan, and (1) Cardinals/Rams fan. (And yes, Boy Wonder knows the Oilers no longer exist, but he and I also know they still have a better shot at winning the Superbowl than my Raiders do!

I want something super easy today, so we have a 3 cheese and broccoli soup bubbling up something fierce in the crock pot. I added a bottle of Rangers to it - I think that IPA will really add a bite to the soup. My 3 cheeses are going to be an apple smoked gruyere, Australian sharp cheddar, and then regular cheddar - or a colby jack blend if I have that. I have a cheese thing. I like cheese on/in just about everything. But typically not fancy schmancy expensive cheeses. So there is a lot of shredded cheddar on hand. 

We are also going to make loaded potato slabs (baked slices similar to what you get at Buffalo Wild Wings) and nachos. I love finger foods! 

Oh, and I made Boy Wonder a pumpkin spice cake. Not from scratch, though. I just wasn't in the mood for that much intensity today. I woke up with a fierce migraine but still had to get out and about! 

I also just wanted to update y'all a bit on some stuff I've blogged about before: 

Boy Wonder and I did all that wonderful (read: horrible) shopping last week. We went to two stores and spent more than we normally would to buy the ingredients for 15 crock pot meals, several of which could/would be doubled. We justified it by saying, even if we don't double anything, we have enough meals for approximately 3 weeks. 

And then the food just sat in the refrigerator. That's just how we "do", apparently. So, one week later we are getting ready to prepare everything and what do we discover? The great majority of the meals we chose are not of the freezer variety. So, we prepared the two that are and moved on. On the list there are actually more than just the two but we had one of them last night, and the other earlier in the week...

(To be perfectly honest, neither Boy Wonder nor I are of the Type A persuasion that seems to be necessary for all this champion level organization.)

What we have had so far: Sweet Potato Cottage Pie (it is listed as shepherd's but I use hamburger, not lamb) that Boy Wonder made as a casserole for the oven as he didn't realize it was a crock pot recipe. Like all the cottage pies we have made this year, it was really good. Last night, I made jambalaya. The jambalaya was one of the freezer meals that could be doubled, so I actually prepared a bag as I prepped for instant use. That was super convenient. 

And last night, we had a nice little date night. We sat on our bed and watched Burt Wonderstone, eating popcorn and junk. Much like the first Anchorman for me, the beginning of this was a bit rough for Boy Wonder, but once you get past that bit, it's absolutely hilarious! We also rented the 2nd Sherlock Holmes but didn't watch it. Maybe we'll watch it tonight since I'm supposed to return them tonight, but I don't see it happening. That migraine is kicking my butt today. 

Tomorrow is another new day. Hopefully it will be pain free and fun. We've been slacking on our gym attendance, but we're getting up early tomorrow and going. No matter what. 

I do hope you've had a good week so far and continue to experience that as the weekend unfurls. 

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