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October 03, 2013

Fall is Here!!

Welcome Fall! Finally, autumn is upon us! 

This is my ab-fab favorite time of year. Followed closely by Spring, of course. It has to do with the whole death/rebirth cycle of the seasons. Yeah, I like winter too - I'm a mid-westerner at heart, after all. But to me, fall and spring are the heart of the cycle. 

Oh, and my birthday is in just 25 days, I'll be 38 this year. Crazy, right? I know!

And Halloween is just a few days later. OK, 3 to be exact! Best. Holiday. EVER. 

Cooler weather. (And the start of cold/sinus problems. But I'm starting early this year and getting it out of the way. I hope.)

Soups, stews, baking... 

In many households, fall even means the start of new television programming seasons. We shut off our cable earlier in the year. It was an expense I could no longer justify, and Boy Wonder agreed with me. We have a Netflix subscription and the Internet. Need I say more? Absolutely. I don't want to return that that mindless, useless TV-addicted blob I was just this time last year so I am allowing myself just a handful of shows, no more. Haven, Warehouse 13 (which only has a few episodes left, so doesn't count on my total tally), CSI, Psych, The Mentalist, Sleepy Hollow, and Boy Wonder wants to add the new James Spader show, possibly Agents of Shield (as if you doubted!). I have, at heart, just 4 shows I want to watch. I'm good with those. 

So, have we all acclimated/resigned ourselves to the fact that I'm not going to be delivering new recipes each week? I find that other people are so much better at the recipe creating than I am, so I'll let them do it. 

Tonight, I'm making this Thai Curry soup. They say it is supposed to mimic the deliciousness which can be bought at Noodles & Co, so let us hope they are right. I'll let you know...

I'm also going to be making this Apple Butter, except I'm using Irish cream instead of the Rum. And my next batch will use some cinnamon schnapps instead of the rum. Oh look, Spidergirl was creative!

Now, my nose is running. OK, this part of fall I can totally live without. 

What's your favorite part of fall?

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