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Hello and welcome!

I am Spider-Girl. Boy Wonder is my wonderful Husband. Let me tell you a bit about us. 

We met 11 November, 2004. We were married not much after that - 21 January, 2006. Together, we have adopted two cats and three dogs. We live with one of my relatives - all of us adults, sharing a nice little bungalow. Along with his dog. 

Yes, it's frustrating. Yes, it's cramped. But we survive. And our relationship not only survives, but thrives. 

Earlier in the year, however, we realized that even though we sit side by side at our computers, we never really do anything together. We weren't doing date nights because we just couldn't afford to go out. Movies were occasional because there are times I can't be bothered to get my head out of a book long enough to pay attention. And we knew something had to change. So we created a little slice of the Internet for ourselves over on Wordpress. But Boy Wonder doesn't feel comfortable doing the typing so you'll hear my "voice" more often than his even though the words are ours together. 

So, here you are. Here we are. Get to know us, will you? We are kind of awesome, even if I am saying so myself. 

This is Boy Wonder. I lurves him. I think you will too, once you get to know him. He is pretty spectacular. Boy Wonder is a gamer - right now it is the new Final Fantasy online RPG, although he always goes back to World of Warcraft. I tried that once. I was bored to tears (almost literally). He says I didn't give it enough time. I say pfft. 

This is me. Don't I look excited? I hate having my picture taken! And I have since I was a wee little thing. Unless it is Bejeweled Blitz, I'm not much of a gamer. I like to read. Occasionally, I write. I may share that on here, but I'm not sure. My writing is so personal - even though it is fiction, it feels like it is being ripped from me. I don't like feeling that exposed. 

So. That is us. This is our blog. We are here to share our journey through life with you. We will blog about love, family, and life; books and games; food and drink. We do not promise that what we write will please everyone. We won't even try. This blog is for us, but we welcome your presence. If you give us a try, I believe you'll find that we're as awesome as I think we are - we certainly don't mind sharing our successes and failures with you, after all. 

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