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August 31, 2013

Have you ever wondered...

Have you ever wondered what you'll find if you click on the "Next Blog" 15 times or so? I always wonder about the blogs I'm grouped with/near, so I do this quite randomly. How else am I supposed to know there are blogs out there that I want to read? 

As an aside, is it nosiness or actual interest that has us searching the blogs of strangers for words of wisdom? I admit to sheer curiosity, which could very well be nosiness. And interest. I am one of those freaks who, for the most part, is actually interested in the lives of others. Not just their dramas and their troubles. Not just their heartaches and sorrows. Everything. People fascinate me. It's why I continue working in Customer Service. Maybe I should have gone for my Psychology degree? 

So I pulled open my blog this afternoon and clicked on "Next Blog" about 15 times. They were all in Finnish and I chose not to have Google translate them for me. A few looked like those "let me scam you out of your money" blogs that try to convince you that you can make money online just by investing in something they've done. A few looked like personal blogs. One was a Finnish rock band - I know this because it was actually written in English! The great majority of them haven't been updated in years. 

And of course, these groupings change. My second go-round had me bundled with a bunch of Anime blogs. 

Oh, so it's all random? Like life, I suppose? Well, OK. I guess that doesn't really help me figure their pattern out, does it? 

Today was a very hard day at work. I'm really over it and I'm ready to move on. 

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