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August 17, 2013

What to read next...

Spider-girl here. Let's talk books, and reading. 

Are you an avid reader?? A careless reader? Not a reader at all? Boy Wonder is what I might consider a careless reader. After an unfortunate issue with a favored author, he has very little interest in reading. 

I, on the other hand, could probably be considered a voracious reader. I will attempt to read just about anything. Yes, I am particularly fond of historical romance, paranormal romance, chick lit, and fantasy but I'll read other stuff too. 

Money is tight in the Wonder Household. To put it plainly: we are cash strapped, credit unworthy. No bigs. We survive and thrive. We are learning to make do with less and even make our own. I especially enjoy the making of our own. 

But, this means that I cannot buy new books as often as I would like. Not even 'previously owned' books. Thankfully, there's a Kindle app for that. And did you know that there are a zillion and one free books available on Amazon? No? Well, I did. I love my Amazon free books. 

The problem? It's a first world one, to be sure - I've become spoiled by actual printed books that have been professionally edited. If the story is good, the occasional spelling or grammatical error is easy to overlook. If the story is no good, however? Well, then it depends upon whether or not I have something else to read already lined up. As it stands, I have close to, if not more than, 1500 books in my Kindle library. And yet I am always verging upon the precipice of "I don't have anything to read!!"

Right now I am enjoying I Bring the Fire Part I on the Kindle app for my phone, while reading Allerednic - A Regency Cinderella in Reverse on my PC Kindle app. No, I don't actually own a Kindle. Why spend the money on one when I have a free app on my Smartphone? These are both enjoyable in completely different ways. I Bring the Fire is a bit stiff. I'm biased, but I think I could have done it better - had I only had the idea first. 

But these books will be finished within the next few days. So, the question becomes: What shall I read next? 

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